431. Find the Connected Component in the Undirected Graph

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September 5, 2016 by oneOokay


visited map: Map<UndirectedGraphNode, Boolean>();

public List<List<Integer>> connectedSet(ArrayList<UndirectedGraphNode> nodes) {
Map<UndirectedGraphNode, Boolean> visited = new HashMap<>();
for (UndirectedGraphNode n : nodes) {
visited.put(n, false); //初始化,每个点visited = false

List<List<Integer>> result = new ArrayList<>();
for (UndirectedGraphNode n : nodes) {
if (visited.get(n) == false) { //已经visited过的点不需要再bfs了。
bfs(n, visited, result);}}
return result;}
private void bfs(UndirectedGraphNode node, Map<UndirectedGraphNode, Boolean> visited, List<List<Integer>> result){
List<Integer> row = new ArrayList<Integer>();
Queue<UndirectedGraphNode> queue = new LinkedList<UndirectedGraphNode>();
visited.put(node, true);
while (!queue.isEmpty()){
UndirectedGraphNode n = queue.poll();
for (UndirectedGraphNode neighbor : n.neighbors){
if (visited.get(neighbor) == false){
visited.put(neighbor, true);

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