Sorting Algorithms – step by step videos

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May 18, 2016 by oneOokay


  • Quick Sort – step by step
    • Recursive
    • Pivot divides array into two parts (pivot usually is not the middle element)
    • Pivot, left and right
    • Swap pivot with left/right element until left == right
    • nLogn
    • no extra storage space
    • 先整体有序,再局部有序

  • Heap Sort – step by step
    • MinHeap: ascending order
    • MaxHeap: descending order

  • Bubble Sort

  • Insertion Sort
    • If we have n elements, then it requires (n-1) pass to sort
    • In each pass we have k comparisons, where k is the pass number
    • N2

  • Selection Sort
    • Find the smallest element in each pass and place it in the appropriate position
    • Requires n-1 pass to sort an array of n elements
    • In each pass, we have (n-k) comparisons: k is the pass number
    • 1st pass requires (n-1) comparisons; kth pass requires (n-k) comparisons; the last pass requires 1 comparison
    • N2






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